The castle of
Terre Neuve

Historic monument of Fontenay-le-Comte

The Castle of Terre Neuve

THE CHÂTEAU DE TERRE-NEUVE was built around 1590, for Nicolas RAPIN, High Provost of the Constables of France and companion to Henry the iv.

This jewel of the French Renaissance has received many illustrious persons, such as the Duke of Sully and Agrippa d’Aubigne. During the 19th century, the Chateau of Terre-Neuve was owned by the Marquis Octave de Rochebrune, celebrated for his etchings. He produced 492 etchings at Terre-Neuve and was considered by some to be the ‘Piranesi’ of his time.

In Vendée at the entrance of Fontenay-le-Comte called “Fontaine et source de beaux esprit”, by Francis I during the Renaissance, you cannot fail to notice the castle of Terre-Neuve built at the very end of the XVIe century.Terre-Neuve was the work of an artist and a poet at the same time.

The architect Jean Morisson built it for the poet Nicolas Rapin who was also a magistrate and a soldier. Nicolas Rapin was a disciple of Cujas and of president de Harlay, vice seneschal “de robe courte du Bas Poitou”, and a great provost of the French Connetably. He fought with Henri IV during several campaigns as in Arques and Ivry.

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Céline Lefebvre

“We loved the visit to this castle and the guide Antoine explained to us very well the rooms and the history of this castle despite his beginnings in the profession. Thank you to him for answering our questions and for letting us know time to take photos. We had a lovely time and this castle is purely magnificent.”

Flavien V'

“A magnificent monument!
The guided tour of the castle is a must in the sector. A big thank you to the guide, very pleasant to listen to and with very good explanations to fully understand the history of this incredible place.”

Philippe Lespinasse

“Don’t hesitate to take the guided tour which will allow you to access the beautiful rooms of the castle while discovering its history and its evolution over time.
There is also a small museum.”

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