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Philosopher’s home

The Château exhibits some superb examples of sculptured stone panelled ceilings (coffered)DSCF0019a

and monumental fireplaces of the Renaissance period.

One of the fireplaces depicts an alchemistic symbol showing the phases present at the conception of ‘GREAT WORK’ or rather, in obtaining the



“the stone which carries the mark of the sun”.

This stone, said to be the Universal Medicine, pure or spiritual, was the remedy for many incurable diseases.Worked with gold or silver, it permits the TRANSMUTATION of metals.

The works of Kervran establishes inter-transmutation of Sodium, Calcium, Potassium and Silicon Dioxide; alchemy thus takes on a new value and that is why this fireplace is now a monument of inestimable worth.FULCANELLI, in his work ‘the Residences of the Philosopher’s Stone’, dedicates several pages to this fireplace…